Year: 2009


Location: CONCEPT

6 residencesA juxtaposition of privacy and accessibility, 6 has a unique positioning at the gate of Faraya Mzaar, a mere stroll to the Refuge Ski Slopes. The main Mzaar artery serves three sides of the property while the development's individual driveway serves the fourth-side and carves out an independent stance.Raised grass-covered topography acting like an over-sized podium elevates the properties four metres clear of surrounding structures. This further aids independence and privacy of the structure while permitting increased circulation of natural lighting and ventilation, as well as noise attenuation. This unique aspect demarcates the property from neighbouring developments within the locale. Each property has a wrap-around elevated and landscaped garden. Their exaggerated height prevents street-level accessibility and creates a protected park-like, yet fenceless environment in which children can safely be entertained. The allotted 2550m2 site accommodates six individual houses, each consisting of four levels. The open floor-plans connect to outdoor spaces and emphasize natural daylight and ventilation within the 460m2 space.