Year: 2011


Location: CONCEPT

Located in the Chiah area of Beirut, this project consists of a renowned international restaurant on the ground floor, a boutique hotel in the majority of the building, and a rooftop lounge. Each programmatic element is conceived as an independent volume. The hotel is constructed in concrete and glass, and hovers over the restaurant, which is constructed of a delicate glass curtain wall. The result is a monolithic volume floating two stories above the ground. A series of operable wooden screens give ultimate flexibility in privacy and shading, while allowing guests to interactively customize each façade of the hotel.

Project Name: Boutique Hotel
Designers: SOMA
Location: Beirut
Date of Completion: 2012
Gross Floor Area: 1600 Square Meters
Building Type: Boutique Hotel, Restaurant
Main Materials: Glass, Steel, Concrete, Wood
Setting: Urban