Year: 2018


Location: BEIRUT

Mar Mikael is rife in the rare kind of qualities that could create a promising neighbourhood. Situated on the outskirts of downtown and close to the highway makes Mar Mikael easily accessible. Several new projects sprouting up in the area have led to a gentrification of the Mar Mikael district, but have also delivered a fresh plate for architects to create a new architecture for Beirut. BOBO is a mixed-use building that reaches beyond such a challenge. This crystalline formation diverges out of the ground and detaches itself in a strong contrast from its surroundings while its reflective glass skin simultaneously reflects the surrounding urban fabric. The project itself was set to replace a row of disused shops at one end and a 1920s' two storey dwelling situated at the other. Retail space has been given over to the ground floor , and the 1920s' house which now has to stay is set to house high-end retail and an art gallery. And it is around such that BOBO is set to evolve. The crystalline object instead of rising from the ground is in fact burgeoning from one point and growing up in volume and bulk as it moves higher. 


Project Name: Bobo
Designers: SOMA
Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Date of Completion: In Construction
Gross Floor Area: 7,320 Square Meters
Building Type: Residential
Main Materials: Steel, Glass
Setting: Urban