Year: 2004


Location: NEW YORK

The project is located on the 41st floor of the famous City Spire building in Midtown Manhattan. This condo (condominium) hovering in mid-space over Central Park enjoys panoramic city views all around thanks to its fully glazed façade. The stupefying and full-blown views of Central Park to the North and the Hudson River to the East would have never been visible without our design onto the existing space. Whereas now one can stand in the center of the main living room with an unobstructed and direct experience of New York City from close to 500 feet up in the air, the original space was quite different. Indeed, a bedroom and a bathroom originally existed right in the middle of the now seamless living room, separating what once were 2 different apartment units. Combining both apartments into a single continuous and open space was a natural gesture given the envisioned outcome: standing in that living room and experiencing the best that the city has to offer all-at-once is an unforgettable experience that 'wows' any visitor, even the most blasé