Year: 2011


Location: LEBANON

Located in Naccache, Lebanon, this site has spectacular views towards Beirut and the Mediterranean Sea.  The site is severely sloped toward this view, creating a situation in which there are only three main facades.  The project is conceived as one monolithic block, which is then carved and sliced in order to open up toward the view.  A series of perforations along the other three facades respond directly to the interior program, and take use of parametric modeling techniques in order to accurately reflect these areas.  The proposal contains two duplexes, each with a private garden situated on the rooftop and lower terrace respectively.

Project Name: Naccache 459
Designers: SOMA
Location: Naccache, Lebanon
Date of Completion: Proposal
Gross Floor Area: 1090 Square Meters
Building Type: Residential
Main Materials: White Stucco, Wood
Setting: Suburban