Year: 2011


Location: DAMOUR

Responding to strong and specific data, our proposal for this project purposefully takes into consideration the cultural heritage in which it is set. Situated at terminus of the Damour River, the site is a gently sloping terrain with stupendous views of the Mediterranean and the river.

Our proposal utilizes a radical system that is found in several natural formations: a branching configuration. It seemed like the natural solution to gently break down the site's slope into a series of volumes perfectly oriented to the key sea and river views without obstruction from other buildings. Each "branch" allows direct street access, both pedestrian and vehicular, and soon individual volumes start to emerge following a rigorous strategy of sitting, form and placement in relation to external context, program requirements, and maximized privacy.

What started as a simple two dimensional system evolves into a sophisticated matrix that guides the design process on every scale. The result is a matrix of elements that are individually carved and crafted to maximize views, daylight and ventilation for each and every element. The multiple combinations and variations of three basic volumes results in equally unique and different residences. Yet the association of these disparate elements and their multiple combinations maintains a unified and coherent ensemble to the whole development.

As opposed to multiple dwelling developments in the region, our goal was to convey to our client and future buyers the true – almost obsessive compulsive – efforts that our team has invested in crafting individualized homes for each inhabitant. Although we purposely tried to control the variations for the townhomes and chalets by establishing 8 types, the combination of those types together always end up with varied experiences, outdoor areas, accesses and views to each of the houses.

Project Name: Nikki Beach Resrot
Client: Zardman/Nikki Beach
Designers: SOMA
Location: Damour
Date of Completion: 2014
Gross Floor Area: Hotel: 7,100 SQM
Residences: 5,050 SQM
Building Type: Hospitality
Main Materials: Concrete, Glass
Setting: Rural, Coastal

Principal: Michel Abboud
Key Staff: Steven Townsend
Kamil Czarnecki
Fady Stephan
Derek Binsted
Wissam Salameh
Carla Saad
Adel Dagher
Marwan Saliba
Therese Makhlouf