Year: 2009


Location: CONCEPT

The waterfront of Anfeh is characterized by numerous salt fields with an extremely unique and identifiable pattern of organic grids, creating a 'patchwork' of different surfaces on different levels. This patchwork has promoted a distinctive identity to the landscape of Anfeh, as well as becoming a cultural icon for its inhabitants. Our project wants to demarcate itself from any other residential development in the region, by promoting a communal experience. Yet, simultaneously, SOMA strongly believes in preserving the cultural heritage of Anfeh not just for residents but, importantly, for the environment too.The elongated, triangular plot is on elevated topography directly facing Anfeh Bay allowing for a plunging Mediterranean view and superb sunsets. The plot is the best site that Anfeh has to offer and was specifically chosen for these qualities. Furthermore, it is neatly bordered by Lebanon's scenic coast route creating ease of access. We have utilized one single matrix that has directed the erection of the building, as well as the partitioning of the interior spaces, and, as well as guiding the landscape design process.