Year: 2017



The project seeks to serve as a contrast to the existing building and the harsh environment of Palm Springs - creating a unique interior environment within a historic structure.

In reference to the existing black and steel trusses in the ceiling, all surfaces within the space – floor, wall, ceiling –are rendered in black materials. Rough black plastering on the walls darkens the walls while providing a textured surface while the floor is finished with black epoxy. The main bar is cast in black concrete and centrally located within the space, allowing guests to maneuver around the island. Two elongated booths on either side of the space serve as book ends. A blackened steel canopy grows from the center of the bar, and hovers above the patrons, compressing the space in and around the bar. Lighting, shelving, and all aspects of the bar are fully integrated into the steel canopy.

To further contrast the harsh exterior environment with the darkened interior – all lighting utilizes dim to glow technology which mimics candle light – creating a low glow throughout the entire space. The existing glass storefront is removed and replaced with a folding glass façade. At night, the glass storefront opens providing a seamless transition between inside and out. During the harsh sunlight of day, the storefront remains closed and dark blinds prevent light from entering into the space – creating an entirely separate world within the bar.